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Cryptic Writings is a Female fronted Megadeth Tribute band out of Colorado.  It was founded from an idea from vocalist/ guitarist Phoenix-Rose (Mini Female Dave Mustaine).  Of course having the same hair as Dave Mustaine, in high school was constantly hearing "looking it's a mini Dave".  After her first Megadeth concert & meet n greet, she asked to shake Dave Mustaine's hand after her autograph was signed.  When he looked up from his signing booth, his only reply was "Holy shit! It's Mini Me!"  It stuck in her head & she got the idea to form a tribute band to her favorite band Megadeth.  She posted an ad on Craigslist & got to work.  After going through several member changes to find the right people who had the same drive, we're finally where we are now.  Having opened for such acts such as Doyle, Davey Suicide, The Iron Maidens, Paradise Kitty Tribute to Gun's N Roses, Thunderstruck America's AC/DC, Hed P.E., Noise Pollution AC/DC Tribute, Texas Hippie Coalition, etc.  They're now usually booked as a direct supporting act or a headlining act.  

We are here to give you the most authentic Megadeth experience we can deliver.  With hard hitting drums, thunderous bass, technical & intricate guitar work, & the rasp of our Mini Mustaine on vocals, you'll definitely get what you wanted out of this band.  Don't forget about our Vic Rattlehead crowd pleaser! 

Full Biography in EPK.

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